Tapping Into the Couriers and Logistics Industry with Minimum Initial Costs

In Australia today, the business-to-consumer logistics industry is a $5.3 Billion market. This industry is rapidly intensifying particularly due to the continuous growth of E-commerce. Online shopping allows customers to shop quickly for products online and enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery. With the growing demand for courier services, starting your deliveries company is a lucrative venture. Whether you are looking to deliver goods from other businesses or your products, you can kick-start your business by permanently hiring a fleet of delivery vehicles, drivers and operational managers. There are great packages provided by well-known companies such as Bonds Transport Group Sydney Courier, which will help you in cutting down your initial costs.

Outsourcing fleet, labour and operation is a very efficient and profitable model than running your in-house service. In fact here are three key benefits you stand to gain when you consider permanent hire from well-established courier service providers.

1.    Reduced business costs

Running your fleet can be very expensive. Even after purchasing vehicles, you still have to deal with continuous costs like regular maintenance, road costs, drive salaries, occasional fines, petrol and not forgetting the depreciation value of your fleet. With a permanent hire however you can save your business several thousand dollars every year. This alternative way of operating a delivery service comes with vehicles that are exact to your specifications, drivers paid at an hourly rate as well as operation managers who oversee your accounts and ensure that your company does its sole job which is delivering goods on time.

2.    Smooth management

For independent courier service providers, the “Law of 10% rule” always applies. What this implies is that at any given time, at least 10% of your workforce will either call in sick or take leave. Also, 10% of your fleet may be sent to a repairer for service or maintenance. You just cannot afford to have such downtime. Your clients expect the goods delivered as scheduled.

With a permanent hire from Bonds Transport Group Sydney Courier, for example, your business will always run smoothly and optimally. In case a driver doesn’t show up, he/she will be quickly replaced by another driver so you don’t overload the other drivers or get behind on deliveries.

3.    Additional support

We all know that it can get very hectic during holidays and peak seasons. With last minute rush and a lot of people shopping, you will need extra hands, additional vehicles and logistical support system. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Easter or Christmas, your permanent courier hire will step in and provide all the additional support your delivery team needs.

Moreover, private hire packages from companies like Bonds Transport Group Sydney Courier offer branded vehicles and driver uniforms which are efficient marketing tools for scaling your business.

So whether you are an experienced delivery service provider or you are looking to start a new company, you should minimise your initial investment costs and market risk by considering permanent hire for delivery vehicles and staff.