Useful Tips for Storing Car Tyres In Gold Coast

When you choose Car Tyres in Gold Coast, you will get different types of them. You also get them because you need to use them for different weather conditions, and thus it is not uncommon that you have spare tyres or more sets. Thus, when you have extra tyres, you need to store them properly so that they are not damaged by being exposed to sunlight or oxidation.

Importance of Storing Tyres

Even the physical properties of tyres will also change if they are not stored properly. This will worsen the performance of the tyres. While you store the tyres, you have to take care that the tyre is not outgassed that is evaporation of the greasing oil from the tyres. If the lubricating oil is not present in the tyres, then there will be cracks on the tyres. Thus, it’s important that you store them properly. Some useful tips are discussed below.

Useful Tyre Storage Tips

If you take care of a few things, you can maintain your Car Tyres in Gold Coast for long and also maintain their performance.

  • Always try to keep your tyres away from exposure to ozone. This gas can easily damage the rubber. Thus, you need to ensure that where you store the tyres, there should not be any ozone emitting machine nearby. It may damage the tyres.
  • For storing the tyres, tyre totes are the best way. They make it easy to carry the tyres and at the same time protect the tyre from various elements. Now, as they are not airtight, you can store them in airtight bags so that the tyres are not exposed to air and oxidation.
  • There are white walled tyres and red line tyres, and you should be very careful while storing each type of them. Stack the tyres in such a way that the white surface does not face the black surface or the red line on the red line tyres. When they come in contact with each other, they may be damaging for each other. Thus, avoid keeping them together.
  • Another factor that needs your consideration while you store the tyres is humidity, which is simply dangerous for the tyres. The rubber used in the tyres may get damaged from the moisture present in the atmosphere. Thus, instead of dumping them at any place choose a place that is dry and does not have much moisture. If you do not have a dry place, it’s better to pack them in airtight bags and then store them.

This is all about your spare tyres. Now if you have a car that is not used frequently, then you can remove the tyres and store them properly so that when you use the tyre, they are in the best condition. You should not store them in moisture and even sunlight, as both may be dangerous for them. Thus, choose a place that is dry and does not get much heat from sunlight.

When you use Car Tyres in Gold Coast, it’s natural that you will store them in such a way that they are not damaged because of the weather conditions in Gold coast.